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Viscoelastic Polyurethane Pillow Handling

PEMÜ Plastic Processing Co.

In the PEMÜ’s use case, viscoelastic pillows are moved using a robotic arm. In case of polyurethane pillows, the softness of the product is more difficult to grasp and move, so this task is a big challenge for during the project. The product is grasped from the punching tool using a robotic arm and then placed on a temporary storage, where it qualifies the system as being visible qualification (and potentially performing significant weight measurements). The cycle could only start if the tool gives a signal to the robot. This will prevent damage to the tool and the robotic arm. The robot arm grabs the product from the temporary storage and places the specified sample on the final packaging. Then, when the box is full, it again signals to workers that a packing unit is complete and the box needs to be replaced.

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