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Electronics and fragile components


The use case consists in the realization of an autonomous machine that can perform several critical steps in production line with the added value of the human-robot interaction to allow the real time correction, prevention or modification of critical issues for the positive outcome of the process. Furthermore, the human and robot effectively interact to perform actions that cannot be solved differently in an effective way. 

The Use Case aims to improve the manipulation of fragile and thin components and to assemble them through to the human-robot interaction. Furthermore, it aims to test the use of humanoid hand in automation application for a flexible and safe gripping of different pieces. 

The flexibility of the system conceived in VOJEXT project allows to switch from one to a different production in a very flexible manner, thus to solve urgent issues, for example to face with COVID production needs. 

The cobot is located close to loading and assembly area, allowing the operator to operate and correct the alignment or to act on the correct flow of the process. In this scenario, VOJEXT supervises the process flow and brings to the operator the needed tools to perform specific actions. Furthermore, the cobot drive the products into the quality vision inspection area to assess the positive processing of the components. 

The integration of new technologies and technical solutions will strengthen the competitiveness of OSAI in the European/global market through the optimisation of
the process efficiency and, consequently, reducing time, waste and costs and increasing the quality.

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