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Building Construction – Wall Finishes

Gonzalo Pinto – ACCIONA Construction

In some activities of the buildings construction sector there is a lack of skilled workers to perform manual tasks that require some kind of precision, such as plastering, tiling, painting, welding, etc., this mean that there are inefficiencies as, waste of materials, reworks, client complaints, etc. and all this off course with an economic impact. For this, in some building projects, the same qualified person have to perform different tasks simultaneously or to hire under-skilled workers, having as result on both cases, problems. However, using current technology, certain tasks could be carried out by robots, if they have enough precision and contextual knowledge of the environment.

The main objective in Building Construction Demo, is to improve the performance and outcome of tasks performed manually by unskilled workers in construction environments. In particular, the focus is on the wall finishes of plasterboard walls (including painting), and its potential extension to plastering brick walls, through an autonomous robot. The main characteristics VOJEXT expect the robot will cover include: Navigate to the targeted area, Assess and accurately reconstruct the environment to delimit the targeted surface, Prepare the plasterboard wall (taping, mudding, sanding, cleaning and sealing) and Paint with a painting sprayer.

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